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Photo credit: Alyssa Kapnik Samuel

Photo credit: Alyssa Kapnik Samuel

Currently I'm the podcast lead at KQED in San Francisco. Previously, I was the Executive Producer for Jetty, an audio venture from Al Jazeera Media Network.  

I worked with the Jetty network and it's debut groundbreaking podcast, Closer Than They Appear with Carvell Wallace, and the international Game of Our Lives podcast with David Goldblatt. Prior to Jetty, I was the managing producer for Crosscurrents, the award-winning daily newsmagazine show at KALW, one of the most creative stations in the country. I reported, edited, and produced stories for broadcast and podcast.

I was the creator and executive producer of Audiograph, an ongoing, crowd-sourced public radio series that tells the story of the San Francisco Bay Area through sound. My radio documentary, Squeezebox Stories, won an award from the Society of Professional Journalists for arts and culture reporting.

My great love is working with musicians and producing sonically-rich stories.  As a reporter, I walk through open doors and talk to the people behind them. I brainstorm, put things together, and take things apart. I listen and collaborate., working with producers to develop new projects like The Specialist and The Stoop

I used to help run KALW's competitive audio journalism training program, and I teach narrative arc and creative storytelling at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.  

I'm always open to opportunities and collaborations. Find me on social media, or drop me an old-fashioned email here.

A lot of reporters talk about the techniques they’ve honed for getting people to open up to them. Julie just arrives and listens.
— Casey Miner, The Specialist podcast
Julie is a mistress of sound.
— Seth Samuel, sound designer and composer


Interview on MediaShift Podcast

Interview on Cheddar TV: "Closer Than They Appear" is the latest podcast to tackle the big issues. It's the debut show from Al Jazeera's new audio-first network, Jetty. Executive Producer Julie Caine joins us to discuss the new project. She tells us all about the new show, which is hosted by writer Carvell Wallace. It examines the divisions facing the country one year after the polarizing 2016 presidential elections. Caine discusses one of the early memorable episodes, which features Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali. Caine also explains how the podcast incorporates visual elements. It's one of the first podcasts to partner with Facebook Watch, using video and photos to enrich the listening experience. Finally, we get a look ahead at what's to come at Jetty.

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